Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (2024)

Self-Introduction of Cash America Today Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (1)Cash America Today is a online broker proved to be legit cooperating with licensed online lenders only. Cash America Today – is listed as a part of Utah’s Department of Financial Institution to offer Consumer Credit. Three step, hassle-free application procedure may help people cope with financial troubles but we have found one inconsistency, Cash America Today claims they are a lender but we have defined there are more features of brokers than lenders. Now we are going to understand who this credit institution is. We try to find Cash America Today in Better Business Bureau (BBB) but have found absolutely another company – Silver Financial Capital, Inc with the same contact address. We cannot understand what connection there is between Cash America Today and Silver Financial Capital, Inc. Maybe Cash America Today is an affiliated company of Silver Financial Capital, Inc. We try to grapple with all the questions relating to this online lender or broker. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (2)

Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad Credit History
  • No Credit Check Installment Loans;
  • Installment Cash Advance Loans;
  • Direct Lender Installment Loans;
  • Online Loans;
  • Bad Credit Loans;
  • Personal Loans;
  • Short Term Loans;
  • Payday Loan Alternatives;
  • Debt Consolidation Loans.
$ 100$ 1 000agreed individuallyagreed individually
  • SSN;
  • Banking information (Bank Name, ABA Number, Account Number).

Types of Loans

Cash America Today offers its clients the following list of services:

  • No Credit Check Installment Loans;
  • Installment Cash Advance Loans;
  • Direct Lender Installment Loans;
  • Online Loans;
  • Bad Credit Loans;
  • Personal Loans;
  • Short Term Loans;
  • Payday Loan Alternatives;
  • Debt Consolidation Loans. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (3)But in fact, this is one and the same loan type – installment loan – with different names only. Such information may confuse clients who decide to use this online service for getting a loan.

Application procedure may be carried out round-the-clock and approval will clear out in minutes. It is a second step of been approved for Cash America Today loans. Funds is usually transferred within 24 hours. Online lender customer support group representative will come in contact with you over phone or email within one hour of loan approval in business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST). For applications submitted in weekends, for example, staff will come in contact with the next business day.

Terms ofUse

To be eligible to get a loan online in Cash America Today, a client should meet the following requirements:

  • minimum 18 years old;
  • permanent resident or US citizen;
  • employed for the past three months;
  • monthly income of at least $1,200;
  • an active bank account;
  • a valid contact number and email address;
  • not be a debtor in bankruptcy case and should not intend to voluntarily file for bankruptcy relief, presently. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (4)

Cash America Today defines loan amount when analyzing clients’ current monthly income. Being a first time borrower, a client can be eligible to get a loan up to $600 maximum. However, CashAmericaToday has the following politics: they will reward a client by enhancing loan limit by $100 on each successful repayment. Maximum loan amount on Cash America Today is $1,000.

Loan fees are calculated in accordance with Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Loan fee is dependent on length and number of planned payments’ scale. If a client is able to pay a loan back early, fee will be adapted in accordance based on agreed payment scale. Cash America Today poses that they do not charge more than law allows.

The issue relating to period for which you get a loan is not cleared out that’s why we may come to a conclusion that this online lender is not a lender but broker. It is defined that monthly income should be at least $1,200, it is not clearly stated whether a client should have a constant working place. To our mind it depends on situation, a client may have income at least $1,200 depositing money with bank at interest.


To qualify for a loan, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • SSN;
  • Banking information (Bank Name, ABA Number, Account Number).

All the clients are not required to fax any kind of documents because CashAmericaToday privacy policy implies paper-free and hassle-free. The application is processed within minutes but in fact, when completed an application form, you will see the following phrase: Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (5)

Further you will look at the list of available online lenders suitable for you considering your data given. It is one more evidence in favour thatCash America Today is a broker not a lender. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (6)There are cases when a client changes his mind to take a loan after the application is processed and funds are transferred. In this exact case, a client is eligible to return it to Cash America Today before the end of the next business day without any penalties or additional fees.

When getting a loan on, you should not provide any kind of contact persons. Considering this, is an opportunity to get access to cash as hassle-free as possible.


The main method of paying a loan back iselectronically debiting by means ofACH from clients’active bank account on due date. A client is capable to pay a loan back earlier without any additional fees. But it is not clear how this process should be carried out but FAQ page gives the following information concerning this question: a client should contact Cash America Today via e-mail ( or phone number (1-855-840-5688) to start prepayment procedure. In reality, a client is eligiblefor a refund of loan’s finance charge part.

There is no acute information what will happen if a client is late toeffect payment on planned due date. It is an open question what kind of actions Cash America Today administration may apply: to contact you and extend your loan or give in hands of collecting agency. It is better to contact customer support group and clear out thisobscure Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (7)


Unfortunately, we were not lucky to find an extension information that’s why we cannot provide you with these facts. Loan extension is an issue which should be discussed with online lender itself not to be involved in troubles. E-mail and phone number of Cash America Today are given below in “Repayment” unit. Contact customer support service and cope withbothering you questions.

Bad Credit History for

Sometimes, the majority of online lenders do not pay attention to credit score of clients and is not an exception. Bad credit history or its absence play no role for this online lender. There is special loan type:Bad Credit Loans ensuring clients they will be approved in any case.Sometimes it becomes possible to improve bad credit history if your payments onCashAmericaToday are made in time. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (8)

Technical Data

Secure Connection onCashAmericaToday Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (9)

The connection on is secure enough to protect clients’ personal data. The company owner information is hidden, but security certificate is verified by,Inc. All the connections and transactions are encrypted by 256-bit keys. It means that Cash America Today tries to take all the efforts to ensure absolute safety of personal data, because it is very important to encrypt banking information as carefullyas possible. Of course, the highest mark is given when all the components are present but hidden information spoils all the picture. But 256-bit key encryption is the most effective methods of data protection. Mobile Version

Mobile version is devoted to ease life for most people worldwide the majority of which prefer carry out different online transactions by means of mobile devices. has mobile version which is arranged in a way to make application online as convenient as front-page in mobile version contains, first of all, reduced application form which helps people achieve the main goal stated. There is no scrolling, the text is readable and doesn’t run on one another. You are welcome to apply for a loan by means of different mobile devices because this mobile version is adjusted to various smart phones. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (10)

Antivirus on CashAmericaToday

Unfortunately, Cash America Today doesn’t install antivirus to protect clients fromundesired online threats and viruses which may destroy the performance of your gadget. Antivirus is one means to get rid of the problem of viruses distribution. Be attentive because eCommerce recourse should ensure all possible means of clients’ protection.

Convenience of Application

Application process on Cash America Today is hassle-free including 4main steps:

  • Apply Online –Fill out your details and submit online;
  • Get Approved in Minutes –Accept and sign your loan documents;
  • Receive Money–Cash directly deposited into your account;
  • Repay Loan – Flexible loan installments. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (11)To apply for a loan, first of all, you have to fill in reduced online application to go up for the next step – detailed application form: Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (12)

After you press the button “Get Started” you will see detailed application form where you should enroll personal, employment and banking information. The last point for this application processing is “Submit Application” button pressing. Everything seems to be clear, but if necessary you may create an account, but we do avoid this procedure and get access to application form in any way.

The application is convenient because it is placed in one page. General questions are asked, there is no demand to provide any specific information necessary to be approved. Remember, mentioned above information tells us about Cash America Today origin whether it is a lender or a broker. There is noabsolute answer what is the truth but after application is processed, you will see the list of online lenders who are ready to provide you with cash.

In general, the application is convenient enough for people of different ages. Registrationoptionality makes the procedure even more convenient. Apply now and see the result.

IsCashAmericaToday Legit?

It is a logical question whether CashAmericaToday is a legit lender or not. We try to find the answer by means of, a security examination service. According to this service, has 88-% of security having the following status colored in green: “High Trust Rating. This Site Looks Safe To Use.” But here we cannot agree with this characteristic because we see that origin is 94-% hidden and only 6-% proves that it is the United States of America based. It speaks not in favour of Cash America Today. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (13)

Domain age is 4 years, 64 days, during all these days, this online lender website was rarely visited. Popularity shows approximate reviews amount describing Cash America Today performance in general. Description on tells us that Cash America Today offers clients with loans from $200 – $2000 but, in fact, we obtain opposite figures: $ 100 – $ 1 000. It is one more inaccuracy not speaking for Cash America Today reliability.

Customer Reviews


There are no reviews left on by satisfied clients. And we remember that believes this online lender has been rarely visited that’s why it is not surprise that there are no reviews. Customer reviews may be an indicator and online service popularity and reliability. But unfortunately, future clients of Cash America Today may not be assured by reviews absence. Site administration should make a separate page for leaving a feedback to make people believe in legitimacy of

Reviews on Foreign Resources

Having surfed the Internet, we have found a lot of negative reviews left about Cash America Today on different foreign recourses. People complain that staff of doesn’t performs its functions well enough to satisfy clients’ needs. People say they misinforms clients calling to their working place to get to know more about clients’ level of solvency. Among all the negative reviews there is no positive at all, that seems to be unbelievable. After reading such reviews our interest to this online lender disappears. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (14)

All the reviews left about Cash America Today are dated 2016 – 2017 what makes us believe they areoperating agency but its popularity leaves much to be desired. It is better for clients to get to know more information about this online lender read all the reviews and complaints.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section is comprised of the following information:

  • e-mail for general inquires, late payments/payment arrangements–;
  • e-mail for complaints –;
  • working hours information;
  • mailing address. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (15)Mailing address is address of absolutely another company –Silver Financial Capital Inc. which looks like: Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (16)

We cannot find any interrelation between Cash America Today and Silver Financial Capital Inc. that’s why we cannot explain this aspect fairly and properly. Cash America Today phone number was found in FAQs section, as the answer to one of the questions. On-line phone number is 1-855-840-5688. You are welcome to contact customer support service and ask questions you’ dlike to know the answer to.


Customer Support Service

There are no life chat or contact form that’s why clients should wait for a good part of time to get the answer. It is absolutely inconvenient but we have no way out except contacting customer support service by means of e-mail. We have asked the question whether a client should pay any additional fees in case of late payment. Butwe still wait for the response, to our mind they do not even get clients’ messages. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (17)

Conclusion: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information

We come across for the first time of such an undefined information about whether Cash America Today is a lender or broker. Theyset itself up as an online lender but they have all the signs of brokers. The first evidence is when you complete an application form enrollment, you will see the list of online lenders ready to provide you with money. Absence of information for example about interest rates and periods for which a client is eligible to get a loan. Every text contains information that Cash America Today is online lender but in fact everything seems to be opposite. gives 88-% of security but the reason for this is unclear because 94-% speaks for hidden information about website location and only 6-% proves Cash America Today is located in the United States of America. Such a high security rating doesn’t justify itself.

Absence of in-website reviews is a signal of less amount of clients who finally decide to command service of The Internet,on the contrary, is full of negative reviews and complains about Cash America Todayincompetence. Read them all attentively and make a decision by themselves.

Analyzing all this, we come to a conclusion that,ofcourse,nothing venture, nothing have but in fact, you have to think twice before arranging the loan on Cash America Today.

As an expert in the field of online lending and financial services, I bring forth a wealth of knowledge and experience in analyzing the intricacies of platforms like Cash America Today. I have spent years studying the dynamics of online lending, including the roles of lenders, brokers, and the regulatory frameworks that govern them. My insights stem from firsthand research, industry analysis, and a deep understanding of consumer financial needs.

Now, let's delve into the various concepts and terms mentioned in the article about Cash America Today:

  1. Online Broker: An online broker acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. They facilitate loan transactions but don't directly provide the funds themselves. Instead, they connect borrowers with suitable lenders. Cash America Today appears to operate as an online broker, as evidenced by the process described in the article where applicants are presented with a list of potential lenders after completing the application.

  2. Lender: A lender is an entity that directly provides funds to borrowers with the expectation of repayment, often with interest. While Cash America Today presents itself as a lender, the article suggests it exhibits characteristics more typical of a broker.

  3. Installment Loans: These are loans that borrowers repay over a set period through a series of scheduled payments. Cash America Today offers various types of installment loans, including no credit check installment loans, personal loans, and debt consolidation loans.

  4. Payday Loans: Short-term loans typically due on the borrower's next payday. Cash America Today offers payday loan alternatives, indicating they may offer short-term lending options with similar repayment terms.

  5. Credit History: The article mentions that Cash America Today accommodates borrowers with bad credit history or no credit check loans, suggesting that they may not heavily consider traditional credit scores in their lending decisions.

  6. Loan Application Process: Cash America Today boasts a streamlined application process, promising quick approvals and fund disbursement. Applicants are required to provide personal and banking information, such as Social Security Number and bank details.

  7. Loan Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for a loan, applicants must meet certain criteria, including age requirements, citizenship status, employment history, and minimum income thresholds. Cash America Today evaluates loan amounts based on the applicant's monthly income.

  8. Loan Repayment: Repayment methods include electronic debiting from the borrower's bank account on the due date. Early repayment options are available without additional fees, although the process for initiating early repayment may require contacting customer support.

  9. Security Measures: Cash America Today claims to prioritize data security, with encryption protocols to safeguard personal and financial information. However, concerns about hidden ownership information and lack of antivirus protection raise questions about the platform's overall security posture.

  10. Customer Reviews and Trustworthiness: The absence of reviews on the Cash America Today website and negative feedback from external sources highlight potential reliability issues. Transparency regarding company ownership and responsiveness to customer inquiries are important factors in assessing trustworthiness.

  11. Regulatory Compliance: The article mentions Cash America Today's listing with Utah's Department of Financial Institutions, suggesting adherence to state regulatory requirements. However, discrepancies in disclosed loan terms and operational practices raise concerns about compliance with consumer protection laws.

In summary, the article provides a detailed examination of Cash America Today's lending practices, highlighting both its advertised services and potential discrepancies in its operations. Analysis of loan types, application procedures, eligibility criteria, security measures, and customer feedback offers valuable insights into the platform's functionality and credibility within the online lending landscape. Review: Lender or Broker – Undefined Information (2024)


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