Why would my range hood fan and lights stop working? (2023)

As you use your range hood, you may encounter problems with the range hood lights or the fan. These are often electrical or related to malfunctioning range hood parts. Before replacing any parts, troubleshoot the electrical connections to your hood.

To troubleshoot electrical issues, try the following:

  • Test the power to your standard outlet.
  • Check your fuse box for a blown fuse.
  • Make sure there are no loose wires inside the range hood (circuit board, lights, control panel).

Or to ensure that your range hood parts work efficiently, check out this list:

  • Inspect the circuit board.
  • Inspect all switches.
  • Replace the control panel.
  • Replace your driver.
  • Replace burnt light bulbs.
  • Replace the light socket.
  • Tighten the blower.
  • Inspect your fan blades.

Continue reading to learn more about how to troubleshoot your range hood fan and lights.

First, troubleshoot the electrical components of the hood before inspecting it. Here are a few things to try.

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Test the power to your standard outlet.

Why would my range hood fan and lights stop working? (3)

Most range hoods are powered using a standard 110V outlet – the typical three pronged outlet in American homes. Sometimes, this outlet can short circuit or become overloaded.

Your outlet could be overloaded.

Outlets often overload when there are many electrical devices or appliances hooked up to them. If that’s the case, unplug some of the electrical devices from the outlet before flipping your breaker. If not, it’s unlikely that this is the problem.

Keep reading to continue troubleshooting.

Plug in a different appliance to test the outlet. If it doesn’t work, check your circuit breaker.

To test the power to your outlet, turn off your vent hood, unplug it, and plug in another appliance around your home. Then, test that appliance. If you are able to turn it on, the outlet is working fine.

But, if your appliance doesn’t work when you plug it in, check your circuit breaker. As a result of the short circuit or electrical overload, the breaker may have flipped.

Be sure to unplug all electrical devices before flipping your breaker.

A fuse may have blown.

If your standard outlet does not have power, either your circuit breaker has flipped or you blew a fuse. On your circuit breaker box, look for melted metal or discolored glass to find the blown fuse.

To replace the fuse, consult an electrician or visit your local hardware store to find a fuse that has the appropriate amperage.

You can use a multimeter to test if the fuse has a continuous electrical current. If the multimeter beeps, that’s great. That means the current is continuous. If not, the fuse is blown.

Here’s exactly how to test continuity using a multimeter.

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If you hardwired your range hood…

…double-check the wires. First, flip the breaker that powers your range hood for safety reasons. Working with electricity is dangerous. Make sure there are no loose connections.

Second, double-check that you’ve matched the wire colors. If your wires are mismatched, consult a professional electrician to troubleshoot your range hood. Or, call your range hood manufacturer.

Check other wire connections (circuit board, lights, control panel).

While your breaker is flipped off, remove your filters and inspect the wire connections to the circuit board, lights, and control panel. Make sure that these connections are nice and tight. You might need to add new electrical tape or tighten the wire nuts or caps.

Once you’ve tested all the electrical components, if you haven’t identified the problem with your hood, move on to troubleshooting the hood itself. Here are eight ways to troubleshoot your range hood fan and lights.

Troubleshooting Your Range Hood

Why would my range hood fan and lights stop working? (4)

Inspect the circuit board.

If your range hood fan is not working, the circuit board could be faulty. In most cases, if the touch panel is lighting up and functions through each speed without the blower working, check the circuit board.

Look for melted components, dark or burnt areas, or broken pieces to identify if the hood is working. If not, talk to your manufacturer to buy a replacement circuit board.

Inspect all switches.

The control panel connects to the fan and lights, so it’s important to ensure that electricity is running to the switches. Call your range hood manufacturer for a wiring diagram to find the wires connecting your switches. Then, use a multimeter to test the electrical current. If you don’t detect a current, ask for a replacement switch.

Replace the control panel or touch panel.

If you can’t replace individual switches, you might need to replace your control panel. Specifically, if it doesn’t turn on or function at different speeds, replace the touch panel.

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Also, the control panel is connected to the range hood lights, you might need to replace it to fix them. Before doing so, check the driver, light bulbs, and light socket as detailed below.

Replace your driver.

If your lights are not working, you might have a blown LED driver. Some range hoods need a driver to regulate the high-voltage electricity that comes from a standard home outlet.

Replace burnt light bulbs.

Your lightbulbs may be burnt out due to their age, a malfunction, or excessive heat. LED light bulbs, in particular, do not handle heat well – about 50º C+ of consistent heat is the upper threshold.

So if your light bulbs are mounted close to a hot range or stainless steel grill, the intense heat will wear them down over time.

You might also end up installing a range hood with faulty lights, which happens occasionally.

Finally, after many years of use, your LED bulbs will eventually burn out.

Call your range hood manufacturer to troubleshoot your lights and order a replacement.

Replace the light socket.

If the bulbs themselves are working fine, you may need to replace your light socket. Like most range hood parts, you can test the bulbs with a multimeter. If your light socket does not have power running through it, it needs to be replaced.

It also may be working, but your LED bulbs won’t turn on. As long as your bulbs are not burnt out, this means the light socket needs to be replaced. Your range hood manufacturer should be able to help you troubleshoot the light socket.

Tighten the range hood fan.

To keep everything securely in place, tighten the screws on your fan motor. Also, check to see that the fan blade is secured in place so that it can spin properly.

To inspect the fan blade or blades, unscrew the plastic housing of the blower using a screwdriver.

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Inspect your fan blades.

Make sure that your fan blades spin smoothly. If anything is impeding the blades, your blower may become damaged over time.

The touch sensor on my range hood is not working for my lights only. What should I do?

If it’s only your lights that aren’t working, the issue is probably with the lights themselves –not your touch sensor. First, check to make sure that your range hood bulbs are not burnt out. If they are burnt out, replace them. If new bulbs don’t work, you might have a bad LED driver; you can ask the manufacturer for a replacement. If you’ve tried all this, call your manufacturer and ask for a touch panel replacement.

My kitchen hood is emitting a strong chemical with a burning odor coming from the motor. What should I do?

First, turn off and unplug the range hood. If it’s emitting a strong chemical from the motor, you don’t want to put it under more strain. Call your manufacturer to ask for a replacement motor immediately.

That concludes our article on troubleshooting the fan and lights on your range hood. If you’re still having an issue with your fan, call your manufacturer for more information.

If you own a Proline hood, you can call us at (877) 901 – 5530. At Proline, if simple fixes don’t work, we send out parts one at a time to see if replacing individual parts will fix an issue.

Sometimes, what we think will fix the issue doesn’t fix it. In that case, we send the rest of the electrical internal components to you to get the issue resolved.

Thanks for reading. For more helpful information on range hoods, check out the articles below.

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Why would my range hood fan and lights stop working? ›

If your range hood fan is not working, the circuit board could be faulty. In most cases, if the touch panel is lighting up and functions through each speed without the blower working, check the circuit board. Look for melted components, dark or burnt areas, or broken pieces to identify if the hood is working.

Why are the lights not working on my wolf vent hood? ›

The main control board might be defective. Before replacing the main control board, first replace the light bulb. If the lights still aren't working, check the bulb sockets as well as the switches associated with the bulb. If the light bulb, socket, and switches are not defective, replace the main control board.

Why did my kitchen exhaust fan stop working? ›

Check if appliances on the same circuit, such as toasters and microwaves in the kitchen, are working. If not, you may have a tripped circuit breaker or a fuse blown. If it appears that the kitchen fan is the only appliance not working, there may be loose wiring or other faulty power components.

Why won t my range hood turn on? ›

When the fan on your range hood stops working, the two most common problems are a broken on and off switch and a burned out fan motor. Unless you feel secure in your repair skills, hiring a repairman to fix these issues may be your best option.

How do you know which fuse is blown? ›

Remove the fuse from its holder. In some cases you may need a small screwdriver to unscrew the fuse holder cap. Look at the fuse wire. If there is a visible gap in the wire or a dark or metallic smear inside the glass then the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced.

Are there fuses under the hood? ›

The fuses under the hood help protect electrical components such as electric motor and brake functions. To access the fuses under the hood, a number of panels around the storage compartment must be removed.

How do I reset my Wolf range hood? ›

Press and hold the filter indicator for 5 seconds to reset it.

Are range hoods plugged in? ›

If your range hood came with a three-pronged plug, it does not need to be hard-wired. Just plug the hood into a wall outlet and use an extension cord if necessary. If it did not come with a three-pronged plug or it came with a cut plug, the hood needs to be hardwired.

How much does it cost to replace kitchen exhaust fan? ›

In general, plan on about $200 to $500 depending on the complexity of your installation. This includes the labor cost of installing a new vent hood and does not include parts, adding or modifying ductwork, or electrical work.

When should you replace a range hood? ›

A range hood should last you for 10+ years, if not more. Before you pull the trigger on a new hood, make sure it's absolutely necessary. We recommend contacting your manufacturers and getting advice from them on how you can possibly fix your vent hood.

How do you troubleshoot a hood fan? ›

Check the damper above the fan to make sure it opens properly so exhaust air can pass through the damper and recirculation filter. Repair or replace the air damper if it's stuck closed. Check the fan blade for damage and replace the fan blade if damaged.

Where is the hood release button located? ›

Step 1 – Locate the hood release, which is usually located near the driver side kick panel. If it isn't there, we suggest checking just under the dash on the left side, as well. Step 2 – Hold the release and firmly pull outward to activate the hood latch.

Why is my hood fan flashing C? ›

After hood usage has reached 30 hours, LED Display will show “C” to indicate that the baffle filters need to be cleaned. The “C” will keep flashing until it is turned off.


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